Non-fiction editing

Books strictly in Italian only!

You’ve written a non-fiction book and want to get in touch with a publishing house. Something is holding you back, though. You fear the publisher might criticise your work – maybe your style, consistency, syntax, who knows what. Of course, it’s your book and you’re sure it’s perfectly written, but you are aware there’s always room for improvement.

Editing – is a friend not enough?

You decided you’d give your book to a friend or relative for them to read and evaluate. They praised it no end soon after receiving the file. And now you’re wondering, “How can I be sure they read it thoroughly? Is their praise sincere, or are they just trying to please me?”

You have an idea: why not ask a professional editor to review your book? That’s a great idea! Let me show you why you are in the right place.

Professional editor with thirteen years of experience in non-fiction

I’ve been working in publishing for 13 years. After an internship at the Italian publisher Terra Nuova, I kept working on non-fiction books. Every time I’m reading a book I find myself pondering: “this paragraph would have been easier to read if it were written like this” or “excellent book, it’s a shame there are so many typos”. So I decided to make a job of it. I polish non-fiction books until they are perfect in every respect, ready to be sent to publishers.

Topics I work on

Aside from editing, I also offer proofreading services, as well as revision of translations. I work on several topics – particularly environmentalism, ecology, healthy lifestyles, psychology, inner research, self-help and personal growth. But I can help you even if your book has a different topic. What are you waiting for? Get in touch and we will talk about what I can do for you.