Professional marketing translations

Every company needs excellent promotional copy. If you wish to expand your business abroad, your copy needs to be flawless in the language of the target marketplace. Marketing translations are far from easy: your copy needs to be fluent and engaging; you need to make your products and services known while making them attractive and desirable.

Literal or creative translation?

Marketing translations can never be literal. Your intended audience will immediately notice they are reading an inaccurate translation and will move on to products and services presented more elegantly and professionally. The risk is your target audience will stay just a reader, while your primary goal is conversion.

This is why marketing translators need to know the target market thoroughly. They also need to be creative in order to engage the reader and make your copy compelling to your target audience.

My specialisations

Thanks to my ten years’ experience, I can help you craft excellent copy for an Italian audience, whatever your industry. During my career, I’ve helped several businesses translate their marketing materials. The companies I work with most often are in the automotive, transport, and manufacturing industries – from clients in the railway sector, to vehicle dealers, to machine tool manufacturers.

Examples of texts I can translate for you:

  • Newsletters
  • Company magazines
  • Catalogues
  • Brochures
  • Press releases
  • Blog posts