Professional marketing translations

Do you want to expand your business in Italy? Then you’ll need to translate your website and all marketing materials into Italian.

Marketing translation – creative or literal?

Your business is really successful in your country and you now wish to expand it in Italy. You’ve got a problem, though: the translation agencies you hired so far gave you back dull and uninteresting texts, translated almost literally. When searching for your company and your products or services on the Internet, your customers seem unable to find you. So they simply go to your competitors. Or they do find your website, read your brochures, but it all seems written in a boring way – the texts are not compelling or don’t make you seem reliable. So once again, customers go to your competitors.

In order to expand your business in Italy, you need to make it known and respected. Your website and your blog need to be easy to find. Your social media posts need to be engaging. Your newsletters need to convert your leads into paying customers. Same goes for your offline materials: brochures and catalogues need to be compelling, so that the customer will choose you and your business. And it’s no different for company magazines.

Creative marketing translations

The best thing you can do is hire a translator who specialises in marketing, knows the Italian market and is able to make your texts engaging. The thing is, mere translation is often not enough. You will need what we call “transcreation”, a mix of translation and copywriting, a real rewriting of the text to make it seem like it was originally written in Italian, for Italians – so that it doesn’t immediately shout “translation”! Literal translation is absolutely not an option in marketing.

Moreover, your website and your online marketing materials need a translator who is able to use SEO, so that your business ranks among the first results on Google.

You might be thinking it’s not easy to find someone who has all these traits. Quite the opposite, in fact – you are in the right place! With my 12 years’ experience as a marketing translator, I can help you with both SEO translation and transcreation, that is, creative marketing translation. What are you waiting for? Contact me to find out how I can help you and ask for a free quote.