SEO ecommerce translations

Nowadays, a vast number of companies are selling online. You might have decided you want to bring your business online and discovered this retail channel has immense potential. Maybe you have chosen to expand your offer abroad.

Ecommerce has been growing steadily in Italy. If you haven’t done so yet, now is the time to start selling online to the Italian marketplace.

If you are considering selling on Amazon or eBay, or if you want to start an online store for your own business, your copy will need to be translated and optimised especially for this.

Translations that sell

Ecommerce translations need to be fluent, engaging, and compelling. They need to make visitors to your store want to read on, but most of all, they need to make visitors want to buy – in other words, to convert visitors into customers. And this is not all – did you know that each online platform has specific guidelines which your copy must follow? (Not all translators know this either!) That’s why you can’t do without a specialised ecommerce translator, like me, who knows how to work with the many rules and guidelines while always keeping your goal in mind – conversion.

Amazon-optimised translations

Thanks to my ten years’ experience as an ecommerce translator, I have the necessary expertise to help you boost your sales. After working for two years as an in-house translator at Amazon, I kept cooperating with the company as a freelancer, and started collaborations with consulting agencies that help Sellers and Vendors optimise their products for Amazon.

My specialisations

Whatever you sell, I’m the right person if you need help building the ideal online store. Some of the products I’ve translated include haberdashery items, small appliances, household articles, do-it-yourself tools, hand tools, toys, personal care products, and more.

Examples of texts I can translate for you and services I offer:

  • Product descriptions
  • Ecommerce websites
  • A+ content for Amazon
  • Amazon brand stores
  • Listing optimisation
  • Keyword research
  • Ecommerce SEO