12 years of experience as an ecommerce translator

Thanks to my 12 years’ experience as an ecommerce and marketing translator, I can help you bring your products and services to an Italian audience.

Languages have always been my passion. As a teenager, I spent my time translating song lyrics from American bands. My passion for the English language was soon joined by a love of anything German, once more born from my love of music.

An avid reader and a passionate budding translator, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Languages and Cultures for the Publishing Industry at the University of Verona and a Master’s degree in International Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of Florence (a course which other universities call Foreign Languages and Literatures).

After writing two dissertations on Elias Canetti’s work, I started an internship at the publishing house Terra Nuova in Florence, where I learned the profession of editor. A profession that remains one of my passions to this day, so much so that I’ve kept working as a freelance editor specialising in non-fiction.

Languages being my real passion, in 2011 I decided to put myself out there: I followed my heart and went to work as an in-house translator at Amazon EU in Luxembourg, where I stayed until 2013. I contributed to the launch of several categories for the newly born Amazon.it website and dived into the ecommerce world. I like to think I played a tiny part in Amazon’s huge success in Italy.

From 2013 onwards I’ve been working as a freelance translator from English and German to Italian specialised in ecommerce and marketing. But I never forgot my love of editing and psychology.

Throughout my career I’ve cooperated with several companies, translation agencies, and consulting agencies. I’ve translated texts for online shops, Amazon stores, and a number of marketing materials, from brochures to websites and social media posts. I’ve become a point of reference for companies in several industries, for instance manufacturers of hairdressing products, automotive firms, railway companies, photobook sellers…

I’ve worked on some complex cases and many companies brought home excellent results in terms of sales thanks to my commitment. If you want to know how I can help you, contact me now and I will reply as soon as possible.