Ten years of experience as an ecommerce translator

Thanks to my ten years’ experience as an ecommerce translator, I can help you bring your products to the Italian marketplace with clear, effective, and easy-to-understand copy.

My love for translation comes from my love of languages, which blossomed before I started university. I wanted to understand the world around me, the people who didn’t speak my language. I wanted to read my favourite books in their original language. I’ve always been interested in the nuances of the Italian language, and I’ve always enjoyed working on written texts, polishing them to make them shine.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Languages and Cultures for Publishing, and a Master’s degree in International Literary and Cultural Studies (usually known as Foreign Languages and Literatures), I did an internship at a publishing house in Florence, Terra Nuova Edizioni. From 2011 to 2013, I worked as an in-house translator at Amazon’s European headquarters in Luxembourg, where I honed my skills in the ecommerce industry. Both these experiences helped me build the know-how to work as a professional freelance translator and editor.

Professional freelance translator

I’ve been cooperating with several translation and consulting agencies for many years. Thanks to my excellent ecommerce and marketing translations, I’ve become the translator of choice for major clients across different industries.

I’ve also been working with authors and publishers as a non-fiction editor, and translating psychology texts. Psychology is one of my major interests, which I’ve been self-studying for twenty years, through online courses, books, articles, and specialised websites.

Please email me if you need more information on my professional career or for a free quote.